What we provide

Our websites are designed to boost your conversion rate. Taking into consideration latest web designs and also keeping ourselves at par with upcoming changes, we ensure that you get what you desired. Once you hire our services, you will get access to lots of benefits.

Below are a few pointers on what affects your conversion rate for your website:

Accessibility: The first and foremost step is to ensure smooth accessibility to the users. Nowadays websites include pop-up registration boxes which can be quite irritating for the users who have entered the site just to know about the enterprise. An efficient layout must be maintained; one that will provide concrete information about the business with sufficient visuals banking on which the user will sign up for your business or service. Also, the page must load fast and allow smooth navigability on any medium for the user.

Visuals: Visual content are as important as written content on a website. A long monochrome webpage with size 11 fonts will be just bland. On the same note, it must be kept in mind that too much of visuals just to make the webpage look more showy can cause problems while loading and would tend to eat up more of the user’s data. A balance must be maintained with adequate amount of visuals and written words.

User-interaction: Business websites nowadays implement the option for user-interaction with representative of a said business; a chat-with-an-official option. So in case a potential customer wants to employ your service or do business with you, they can talk to your representative, share their ideas or what they might have in mind. Maintaining a user-interaction portal also cuts the trouble for your customer of coming down to your office or anticipating your response to his/her calls.

Availability: A website must be available 24/7 365 days. All time availability of a website ensures more conversion rate. Restricting access hours can be troublesome as it might be possible that not too many people might be available within those powers. Fixing a time-period means limited traffic which mean lesser conversion rate.

Crash-test : Too much traffic can cause a website to crash causing problems for the user. Our company therefore conducts test runs to ensure that the website does not falter under the slightest pressure from traffic at a website. Speed and functionality is colossal to a better usage experience.

Internet of Things (IoT): What it means is the inter-connectivity between physical devices like electronic gadgets, home appliances, vehicles through a form of network. With internet no more being a luxury such technology is soon going to become a part of the regular website designing. IoT allows devices to be connected to existing networks thereby incorporating more of the physical world into the digital world so that you can control things on the go. While this may sound a lot difficult but that is what we are for to make matters into a piece of cake, using latest technology and advanced web-handling mechanisms.